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About Me

I started to capture the diverse moments of life when I was a teenager. I wanted to memorize moments of my life. My father has always been an enthusiastic photographer. Where ever we we went as a family my father carried a camera with him. When I went for my first dance summer camp, he gave me a camera so I could capture important moments and people. At the age of fifteen I wasn't an enthusiastic photographer but I enjoyed to capture moments when I was having a good time with my friends and family.


I got my first DSLR camera in my early twenties. I started to take photos of nature and food. I also loved to take close up photos from flowers, desserts and insects. It wasn't any close to professional photography but it had sparked my interest for photography.  I really got into photography in the beginning of 2019, since then I have been developing my technical and creative skills as a photographer. I have been working with professional and hobby models, make-up artists and done several collaborations with other creative people.


Currently I am specialized in portrait and fantasy themed photoshoots.

In the end it is all about being a creative and exploring photographer, about preserving your special moments and our visions.

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Everybody has a story,
here is mine.

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Photography Education

Photography Designer

United Pop 

2020- 2021


- work independently on a photographic theme, teamwork &  networking

- The studio equipment and the processes inthe studio- able to take portraits, group and product photos

- To develop visual ideas and concepts

- design and creation of a group exhibition

- Edit and enhance images with image processing

- know the technical and creative applications of the digital DSLR camera

- understand about high-quality prints and presentation forms



Photography Assistant
Photo Editor
Photography Designer



Clients & Collaborations 

2019 - present

- Pole Moves Hilversum

- Jeny's Pole Dance Studio

- Pole Inspiration

- WAKO Nederland

- VOLT - Vechtsport Organisatie Nederland

- KenJo Sabers

- Valkerij Nadicia

- Evenstars Lingerie

- Lunar Laces

- Kerston Costumes

- Starling Costumes

Galerie Hoeve Rijlaarsdam


- Divine Tayrus

- Make-up 101

- Svitlana Yur-Kyryliuk

- Splash Make-up


June 2020

- HAZL Magazine

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